Take a minute... and make a friend for life! 

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(NOTE: This is computer software! He actually learns from you!)

Welcome to the world of BonziBUDDY! He will explore the Internet with you as your very own friend and sidekick!  He can talk, walk, joke, browse, search, e-mail, and download like no other friend you've ever had!  He even has the ability to compare prices on the products you love and help you save money! Best of all, he's FREE! 

He will learn from you! Once he knows your likes and interest he will search the world and find you new sites you have not yet discovered or traveled to!

He can kiss and hug friends and loved ones all over the world on your behalf! He will deliver the message himself and even talk and express emotions for you!

He will handle all of your Internet file downloads for you! He will even allow you to continue browsing the Internet while he takes care of your download! He will notify you when he is done!

He can keep you on schedule. He will track your appointments and tasks with his built-in calendar! He is never late for an appointment! 
Keeps you informed of late breaking news!
He organizes the Internet the way you want it!
He will make you smile throughout your day with his little gorilla personality!
He can educate people of all ages with his wealth of knowledge and trivia!
He makes your computer and the Internet easier, safer, and definitely more fun! 
He has the ability to save you money! He will search the Internet for the best price on the products you love!

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For a limited time, you may download your own BonziBUDDY -- FREE! BonziBUDDY normally retails for $40.00, but for a limited time, we'd like to say "Thanks!" just for visiting BONZI.COM!

Download BonziBUDDY Now - FREE!

System Requirements:

  • 16MB of RAM, 11MB of Free Disk Space.
  • Windows 9x, NT 4, ME, Win2000
  • Sound Card.
  • Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) 5.0 or above.

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